Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Remembering Patrick Macnee:
Rehearsal for Murder (1982).

Patrick Macnee, left, with
Jeff Goldblum in
Rehearsal for Murder
Although Patrick Macnee, who died at age 93 on June 25, is beloved for his role as the dapper John Steed in The Avengers, he made some memorable mystery appearances (such as Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of London and Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes in New York,  Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady, and Incident at Victoria Falls, the latter two opposite his old friend, Sir Christopher Lee. I also recall that Lee and Macnee are two of the betters against Pierce Brosnan's Phileas Fogg in a TV movie version of Around the World in Eighty Days).

Another mystery credit is Macnee's role as an actor in Rehearsal for Murder, penned by the dynamic duo of Richard Levinson and William Link (Ellery Queen, Columbo, Mannix, etc.). Costarring Robert Preston, Lynn Redgrave, Lawrence Pressman, Jeff Goldblum, and William Daniels, this TV movie features a playwright who wishes to trap the murderer of his fiancee.

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