Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An American Writers Museum?

BookTV talks to Malcolm O'Hagan, president of the proposed American Writers Museum that would honor the literary heritage of the United States (let's hope genre fiction authors would be equally recognized).


Edgar Hicks said...

I'll vote for genre fiction writers, and propose a vote for the location. Let me nominate New Orleans. Who will you nominate?

Exile Bibliophile said...

I agree, genre writers too please in the American Writers Museum! And I would love to see publicly accessible archives and HQ for a national book collectors society. Billings, Montana! Not a lot of competition (unlike DC and NOLA!) and not too far from Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park, where hundreds of thousands of tourists come each year. Also, Montana is home to a lot of contemporary writers! I also happen to know a certain versatile museum professional who would ADORE to work in such a place who would readily relocate within Montana (hint: ME).