Tuesday, October 19, 2010

John Updike dabbles in mystery.

I can only find one mystery-related item in the John Updike library that has just been cataloged by Harvard University, and that's the Updike-annotated copy of Robert Littell's Legends, in which a CIA agent-turned-private investigator struggles with past identities. But mystery readers may be interested in Updike's reflections on his "Bech Noir," in which writer Henry Bech murders his critics; this appears in Updike's collection Due Considerations (2007). "Bech Noir" was published in Updike's Bech at Bay (1998) and was reprinted in Best American Mystery Stories (ed. Ed McBain, 1999). A summary of "Bech Noir" may be found in this abstract of the New Yorker review.

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