Thursday, October 21, 2010

The world of bibliomysteries.

Murder in the Stacks, by
Marion Boyd Havighurst
(1934). NYPL
The Exile Bibliophile notes the establishment of a LibraryThing discussion group on bibliomysteries (that is, mysteries that involve books, manuscripts, libraries, and bookstores, among other book-related topics). Also note the bibliomystery collection at Simmons College, which has an extensive wishlist for donations. See also Mystery Readers Journal's 2005 issue on bibliomysteries. (Hat tip to PhiloBiblos)


Kathy Harig said...

About 20 years ago I was approached by the American Library Association to do a book on Bibliomysteries and after much back and forth. IT WAS DECIDED (not by moi) that there was not enough interest in it. HA. That sure must be the reason there are so many of them LOL.
Kathy Harig, Mystery Loves Company

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

I think there would be lots of interest in such a book, Kathy.