Monday, April 17, 2006

Dove Award.

Margaret Kinsman (the executive editor of Clues) and I were gobsmacked to receive the George N. Dove Award on April 14th. The award, sponsored by the Popular Culture Assn's Detective/Mystery Caucus, recognizes "outstanding contributions to the serious study of mystery and crime fiction"; past recipients include distinguished author-critic H.R.F. Keating and the late John M. Reilly (editor of Twentieth Century Crime and Mystery Writers).

Isn't the dove in the policeman's hat wonderfully fetching?


Anonymous said...

Miss Foxwell,

Congratulations on your Dove Award!

I confess that I haven't seen an issue of Clues (unless I ran across it sometime in a chain bookstore). But I suspect you are a worthy recipient of the Dove.

I've enjoyed your blog and your comments elsewhere. Your writing shows grace and care, and you appear knowledgeable and perceptive about the mystery.

Your use of "gobsmacked" amused me. I gather you are something of an Anglophile (I know you studied in London). You sent me to the OneLook dictionary compendium, which led me to an entertaining analysis of "gobsmacked" by the on-line Word Detective.

I was not gobsmacked that you received the accolade. It occurred to me -- and I think this was before I learned of your award -- that you likely would be a good choice to edit Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine or Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Either publication might well be the better for your attention.

But on further consideration, EQMM or AHMM might not be the best fit. I think good writers often make good editors (the award helps confirm that), but I fear you would have too little time to write. I like to see good writers write!

Again, congratulations on the Dove. (I think you join good company in Keating and Reilly.)

Dan Armstrong

Jan Burke said...

Beth, this was well-deserved! Thanks for letting us see what it looks like!