Thursday, February 08, 2007

Deadly Periodicals.

The world of mystery periodicals is a small one, and those involved in it can often talk about unusual things. I once had an enthusiastic conversation with an editor colleague about copyediting styles, only to look up to find his wife, mystery author Kate Charles, and fellow scribe Dean James regarding us as if we each had sprouted two new heads.

Kate Stine, editor-in-chief of Mystery Scene magazine, has more on her mind these days than properly placed semicolons. In an interview with Julia Buckley, Kate talks about Mystery Scene's effort to contribute to the library rebuilding effort after Hurricane Katrina, what's involved in editing a 5x/year magazine, her favorite mystery reading, and more.

Full disclosure: I'm a consulting editor for Mystery Scene and write for the magazine. You can read my review of Margaret Coel's The Drowning Man here.

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