Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy birthday, Rebecca Rothenberg.

Rebecca Rothenberg, talented musician, epidemiologist, and Agatha and Anthony nominee for The Bulrush Murders, would have been 59 today (she died in 1998 of a brain tumor), and her class and grace are sorely missed.

Rothenberg's mystery series, which includes The Dandelion Murders and The Shy Tulip Murders, features microbiologist Claire Sharples. Her friend Taffy Cannon completed the manuscript for her last novel, The Tumbleweed Murders (2001).


Anonymous said...

Beth, that is a beautiful tribute to my sister. I can't believe it's been 9 years. Blessings on you. -- Martha Rothenberg

Pat B. said...

Thanks so much for remembering Rebecca Rothenberg.
Pat Browning

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Thanks, Martha and Pat. I well remember Rebecca from when she was an Agatha nominee for _Bulrush Murders_ (I was on the Malice Board then, of course). Her work was widely admired.

Anonymous said...

I found Rebecca's first two books years ago and loved them. I've searched for more ever since--and had a feeling she must have passed away, as I couldn't imagine her giving up her writing. As an avid mystery book reader, I think Rebecca Rothenberg was one of the very best, most literate and humorous and insightful of writers in this genre. I'm sad to find that she died so young.
Carol Douglass, San Francisco, May 18 2007

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Thanks, Carol. We all miss Rebecca so much.