Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy birthday, Liza Cody.

Liza Cody, creator of investigator Anna Lee (seen played by Imogen Stubbs at left in 1993) and wrestler Eva Wylie, turns 63 today.

Crippen and Landru has published a collection of Cody's short stories, Lucky Dip and Other Stories. She earned a Silver Dagger for Bucket Nut (1992) and the John Creasey Award for Dupe (1980).


Parsley said...

Has she written anything since Gimme More in 2000? That title says it all. Please, Liza, give us more!

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

There doesn't seem to have been a Cody novel since Gimme More in 2000. Crippen and Landru's Cody collection dates from 2003. Dupe has been reprinted by Felony and Mayhem Press.