Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Clues issue on the girl sleuth.

Clues 27.1 has been published, the first issue in a larger format and with a redesigned cover. It also is a theme issue on the girl sleuth (Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars, et al.), guest edited by Leona W. Fisher (Georgetown University). See below for a table of contents; go here for the abstracts; here for print and online subscription information.

Clues: A Journal of Detection 27.1 (2009)
Theme Issue: The Girl Sleuth

Introduction - Leona W. Fisher

The Accidental Sleuth: Investigating Mysteries and Class in Three Series for Girls
- Ramona Caponegro

“Use Your Head, Judy Girl”: Relationships, Writing, and an Ethic of Care in the Judy Bolton Mysteries - Mary Jeanette Moran

Configuring Identity and Flights of Fancy in the Vicki Barr, Flight Stewardess Series
- Michael G. Cornelius

Trixie Belden, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Secret of the Secret in Girl-Sleuth Literature
- Steven J. Zani

The Legacy of George and Bess: Sidekicks as Normalizing Agents for the Girl Sleuth
- Julie D. O’Reilly

“You Get Tough. You Get Even”: Rape, Anger, Cynicism, and the Vigilante Girl Detective in Veronica Mars - Alaine Martaus

Race, Identity, and Genre in Sujata Massey’s Rei Shimura Series - Jennifer P. Nesbitt

“The Unknown—with a capital U!” Richard Marsh and Victorian Popular Fiction
- Christopher Pittard

Anne Humpherys and Louis James, eds. G. W. M. Reynolds: Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Politics, and the Press - Stephen Knight

Kate Summerscale. The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher or The Murder at Road Hill House
- Janice M. Allan

Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Laurence Talairach-Vielmas, ed. Thou Art the Man and LeRoy Lad Panek and Mary M. Bendel-Simso, eds. Early American Detective Stories: An Anthology - Linda Schlossberg

Michael G. Cornelius and Melanie E. Gregg, eds. Nancy Drew and Her Sister Sleuths and Mark Connelly. The Hardy Boys Mysteries, 1927–1979: A Cultural and Literary History
- Genie Giaimo

Philippa Gates. Detecting Men: Masculinity and the Hollywood Detective Film
- Manina Jones

Alexander N. Howe. It Didn’t Mean Anything: A Psychoanalytic Reading of American Detective Fiction - Pamela Bedore

Mary Hadley and Sarah D. Fogle, eds. Minette Walters and the Meaning of Justice: Essays on the Crime Novels - Martyn Colebrook


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