Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black Squirrel Books republishes Jim Tully.

Black Squirrel Books, an imprint of Kent State University Press that focuses on Ohio writers and culture, has reprinted Jim Tully's Circus Parade (1927) and Shanty Irish (1928). The press's Web site claims that Tully (1886–1947) "is credited with originating the hard-boiled writing style." I regard that assertion with skepticism, as Carroll John Daly generally receives the credit for publishing the first hard-boiled story, "The False Burton Combs," in 1922 and "It's All in the Game" with the first hard-boiled detective in 1923.

(Hat tip to the Neglected Books blog)

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George said...

I love the cover on CIRCUS PARADE. I may have to buy the book just for that great cover.