Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vol. 2, new biography of M. P. Shiel.

"He fell into the abyss below."
Illustration by A. Pearce
for M. P. Shiel's
"The Eagle's Crag,"
Strand magazine 8, 1894
In English Literature in Transition 54.3 (2011) Ailise Bulfin reviews M. P. Shiel: The Middle Years, 1897–1923 (2010), the second volume of the biography of supernatural/mystery/horror writer M. P. Shiel (1865–1947) by former UT-Austin library director Harold Billings. She states that "Billings's multivolume biography is of great importance to anyone with an interest in Shiel since it is the first extensive attempt to document the author's life" and that "[u]nder Mr. Billings's hand a far more rounded picture of the man emerges... (388, 390). Billings's M. P. Shiel: The Early Years is still available, and Arkham House has reissued the Haycraft-Queen Shiel work Prince Zaleski (1895). A U-Delaware library exhibition discusses Prince Zaleski and Shiel's background.

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