Sunday, February 17, 2013

Today in 1906:
Alice Roosevelt weds Nicholas Longworth.

Portraits of Nicholas Longworth and Alice Roosevelt
in heart-shaped frames, Palestine [TX] Daily Herald
Feb. 10, 1906
Today in 1906, presidential daughter Alice Roosevelt married congressman Nicholas Longworth (R–OH) in, according to the New York Tribune, "the most brilliant nuptials ever celebrated at the White House or in the nation's capital." It was not exactly a serene union—Alice contemplated divorce and had an affair with Sen. William Borah (R–ID) that produced a child, Paulina, and Longworth acquired a reputation as a serial philanderer. He, however, was a devoted father to Paulina and died in 1931; Alice lived to age 96. My new ebook collection, No Man's Land and Other Stories, includes three stories with Alice as sleuth.


Kate Gallison said...

No kidding. Alice is the sleuth? Is it true that all her bridesmaids were men?

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

I'd have to check on the attendant question, Kate, but the house "Friendship" where the Longworths began their honeymoon was owned by the father-in-law of Evalyn Walsh McLean (later the owner of the Hope Diamond). Evalyn was a friend of Alice's. And it's why the Metro stop here is called "Friendship Heights."

Anonymous said...

Interesting coincidence! Discussing today (2-9-2018) the Thank You Note sent on White House stationary written by Alice Roosevelt Longworth to my paternal grandmother Alice Champion Longworth for the wedding gift. Never knew the wedding date! February 9, 1906.