Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Boucher et al.'s Macabre (1958).

A doctor races against time to find his daughter, who has been kidnapped and buried alive. The film, which stars Jim Backus and is directed by horror meister William Castle, is based on the book The Marble Forest by Theo Durrant (aka author-critic Anthony Boucher and other members of the Northern California chapter of MWA. Thanks to Jerry House and Jeffrey Marks's Anthony Boucher: A Bio-Bibliography for additional details on The Marble Forest).


Todd Mason said...

I've known of this film for years, though I haven't seen it...but didn't know it was based on a White/"Boucher" story...thanks.

Jerry House said...

THE MARBLE FOREST was a round-robin novel by members of the Northern California chapter of MWA. Besides Boucher, other authors who merged to become "Theo Durrant" were Terry Adler, Eunice May Boyd, Florence Faulkner, Allen Hymson, Cary Lucas, Dana Lyon, Lenore Glen Offord, Virginia Rath, Richard Shattuck, Darwin L. Teilhet, and William Worley. Robb White, a veteran of Castle flicks, wrote the screenplay for MACABRE.