Monday, April 06, 2015

What records do you want to see?

Autobiography of John Paton
Davies Jr, U Penn P
The public can comment on the National Archives' plans for declassifying government documents before the April 10 forum of the National Declassification Center. The Master Backlog Index deals extensively with records pertaining to the armed services; the following are just a few of the files listed in the 280-page index:
  • Translations of intercepted enemy radio traffic and miscellaneous World War II documentation, Navy, 1940–46 
  • Loyalty security files relating to China expert and Medal of Freedom recipient John Paton Davies Jr., State Dept, 1942–56
  • War diaries, Naval History and Heritage Command, 1946–53
  • Individual defector case files, State Dept, 1949–63
  • Files of Salk vaccine, State Dept, 1955–59 
  • Criminal investigative records related to the seizure of the USS Pueblo and its aftermath, Navy
  • Classified material related to United States of America
    v. John D. Erlichman et al
    , Justice Dept, 1974


Darren said...

Salk vaccine files are classified?

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

These are State Dept files; perhaps diplomatic efforts were required to administer the vaccine internationally.