Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Unseen (1945).

Publicity photo for
The Unseen
Ethel Lina White's Her Heart in Her Throat (1942) was adapted as The Unseen, with July 23rd birthday boy Raymond Chandler as a  screenwriter. In The Unseen, governess Gail Russell suspects that nefarious activities are going on in the neighborhood and wonders about the role of her employer, shipbuilder Joel McCrea, in his wife's death. Herbert Marshall and Norman Lloyd costar. The film, an attempt by director Lewis Allen to follow up The Uninvited (1944, also with Russell), has some echoes of Henry James's "The Turn of the Screw."


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing The Unsen. I have always liked Gail Russell's understated acting style.
Russell succumbing to alcholoism and malnutrition at the age of 36 is a sad tragedy.

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

How sad. I previously was not aware that she was once married to Guy Madison.