Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Alter-Ego" (1972).

This episode of Circle of Fear (aka Ghost Story, 1972, creat. Richard Matheson) features a boy's troublesome doppleganger. Costars are Sebastian Cabot, Helen Hayes, and Charles Aidman; the writers are Edgar winner Stanley Ellin (story, "Robert," 1958) and D. C. Fontana (screenplay).


Todd Mason said...

I'll have to watch this, even if only for a two-fisted Hayes and the Ellin source-story. (I sadly remember the general run of GHOST STORY, which became CIRCLE OF FEAR as it faltered and how not so great the default was)-Rod Serling's bitter assessment of too much of NIGHT GALLERY, "MANNIX in a shroud", wasn't too far off.) I think Matheson wasn't allowed to do much, much as Serling wasn't at NG.

Thanks for the consistent contributions!

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Wish that the talents of Serling and Matheson had been better employed on these projects.