Monday, March 25, 2019

Simenon and Maigret by way of Budapest.

Georges Simenon,
10 May 1965.
Anefo, Dutch Nat Archives
It is interesting to see Georges Simenon's popularity across cultures (such as the recent exhibition in China on his work). In a fun series in the Budapest Times, an anonymous writer is reading through the 75 works in Simenon's Maigret oeuvre as well as providing commentary on locations in the TV series with Michael Gambon (which was filmed in Budapest) and outlets for buying Simenon works in Budapest.

Entries to date:

Additional resource:
  • Interview with John Simenon, son of Georges

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Jinksy said...

I'll read this with interest. Do you know the Trussel Maigret website? It's a must for Simenon's Maigret fans. :)