Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reading about the Black Bird.

The ever-busy Richard Layman, a trustee for the Dashiell Hammett estate, advises of upcoming events in various cities that have adopted The Maltese Falcon as their NEA-sponsored "Big Read" project.

Montpelier, Vermont. Oct 21. The Big Read Kickoff. Don't miss the live dramatic readings and tapings for later television broadcast of The Maltese Falcon during the month of November.

Pleasanton, California. Nov. 10. Maltese Falcon Gala.

Rochester, New York. Nov 30. The Big Read Closing Party: Costume Gala, Silent Auction, and Sense of Place Award with Josephine Hammett and Julie Rivett. Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester. Go here to see the whole range of Maltese Falcon activities in Rochester.

You can find the entire schedule of nationwide Big Read events here.

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