Friday, May 15, 2009

Mark Twain's Is He Dead? playing in
Long Beach, CA.

Playing through May 24th at the International City Theatre in Long Beach, CA, is Mark Twain's 1897 play Is He Dead? in which a poor young artist stages his own death to jack up the prices of his paintings and returns to life as his widowed sister.

You can see clips from the play here. The University of California Press published the play in 2003. Is He Dead? is scheduled for theaters in Massachusetts and New Jersey this summer; Chicago, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City this fall; and Seattle in spring 2010.


Will said...

Where in Mass did "Is He Dead play?

I am in CT and I am thinking of doing it. I have questions. Could you help, please ? thanks, Will PS I would like information from anyone who saw this play or did it.

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Chatham, MA's Monomoy Theatre. It also played at Yale University in Feb 2009.