Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lyn Hamilton, 1944–2009.

Sad news, via Janet Rudolph's blog and The Rap Sheet, that Lyn Hamilton, author of mysteries featuring antiques dealer Lara McClintock, died on September 10th from cancer.

I knew Lyn for several years, as she had once served as director of cultural programs in Ontario, which has responsibility for archaeological matters in the province, and I'd been manager of publications for the Society for American Archaeology. Thus we had a shared concern for the protection of cultural property and knew some of the same people in the archaeological community. Her novels not only entertained but also raised awareness of serious issues within archaeology such as looting. She had hoped to edit an archaeologically themed mystery anthology that could benefit cultural property sites—alas, not to be, because of her health. I'll miss her playful sense of humor and nurturing presence.

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