Friday, September 25, 2009

Shirley Williams's autobiography.

Just released this week is Baroness Shirley Williams's autobiography Climbing the Bookshelves. Some facets of Williams's crowded life: An evacuee from Britain to the United States during World War II (a relative of her mother's was Sir Geoffrey Shakespeare, chairman of the Children's Overseas Reception Board), Fulbright scholar at Columbia University, Member of Parliament, cofounder of the SDP, British secretary of state for education, Harvard professor, widow of presidential adviser Richard Neustadt. BBC's "Woman's Hour" interviews her here. I had the privilege of meeting her once, at a conference honoring her mother, Testament of Youth author Vera Brittain. Williams is named for Charlotte Bronte's "gallant cavalier."


Anonymous said...

Baroness Williams is an interesting figure, larger than life, really. I, too, had the pleasure of meeting her on a few public occasions, campaigning for various candidates. Charming, certainly, but her intelligence just radiates, and those blue eyes sparkle with mischief and fun, it seemed to me. I've read that her book, Climbing the Bookshelves, is well received... a good read. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive in the post.

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

She is really a dynamic speaker and just an all-around impressive person.