Monday, June 14, 2010

Valancourt continues Richard Marsh reissues with The Goddess (1900).

Valancourt Books continues its reissues of the mystery works of The Beetle's Richard Marsh (1857—1915) with The Goddess: A Demon (1900), in which the savage murder of a gambler suggests a supernatural cause. It's edited by Minna Vuohelainen, who published an article in Clues 25.4 (2007) on Marsh's possibly autobiographical prison narrative "For Debt" (1902). Read the sniffy piece "The Yarning School" (The Academy, Nov. 3, 1900), which discusses Marsh's place in the type of literature that "begin[s] a story anywhere and continu[es] without art or insight, but with reckless invention" (423), along with authors such as Fergus Hume (The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, 1886).

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