Monday, August 29, 2011

Ransom Center on papers of Nicholas Ray.

Ida Lupino in
On Dangerous Ground
(dir. Nicholas Ray, 1952)
In the fall 2011 issue of Ransom Edition UT-Austin's Harry Ransom Center discusses its acquisition of the papers of director Nicholas Ray, including mention of They Live by Night (1949) and In a Lonely Place (1950). It appears that the papers will be ready for access sometime this fall (more on the acquisition here).


Dick Lochte said...

There have been speculations, on other sites, as to why such extreme changes were made in adapting Dorothy B. Hughes' In A Lonely Place to film. Perhaps Ray's notes will shed some light.

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

I've often thought that Ray's contributions have not been sufficiently recognized, so perhaps some study of his papers will lead to renewed appreciation for his work.