Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harry Miner, before EQMM.

Harold E. Miner,
from the 1932
UW-Madison yearbk
The spring 2011 Wisconsin Magazine of History has an article by Michael Edmonds on "The Federal Writers Project in Wisconsin 1935–42" that details the often rocky course of the project in the state, including a brush with HUAC and the various travel, folklore, and other publications produced. It extensively quotes Harold Miner (1910–80), who worked for the project in Madison. This is Harry Miner, who served with the OSS and inspected Hitler's bunker after the latter's suicide; he also wrote "Corpus Delicti" (EQMM Nov. 1951, part of EQMM's "Department of First Stories"; deals with postwar Germany) and "Due Process" (EQMM Nov. 1954; repr. Ellery Queen's Awards, 9th ser., 1956).

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