Monday, April 29, 2013

McGerr's Selena Mead: An almost-series.

Illustration by Coby Whitmore
of Selena Mead from
"Campaign Fever," 1964.
Television Obscurities discusses the abortive effort to feature Patricia McGerr's spy Selena Mead in a TV series, including interest by Polly Bergen and Shirley MacLaine's then-husband Steve Parker.
Readers can become acquainted with Mead in the Nov. 1964 story "Campaign Fever."

More work of McGerr (1917–85) is on display in the May 1983 episode "Where's Your Sense of Humour?" from Tales of the Unexpected (based on a McGerr story).

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anonymous said...

Polly Bergen was a Judo Expert and would have been perfect for the role.