Wednesday, August 14, 2013

H. F. Heard speaks on moral laws.

Study of Heard's work
by Alison Falby
Cambridge Scholars Publ
H. F. Heard (aka Gerald Heard, author of the Haycraft-Queen Cornerstone mystery A Taste for Honey and its two follow-ups) talks about moral laws and fears that block the way to happiness in the 1950s program This I Believe (hosted by Edward R. Murrow and preserved in the Tufts Digital Library).

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John Roger Barrie said...

Thank you for posting this information, with a link to Heard's fascinating talk from the early 1950s. This amply demonstrates Heard's dexterity in moving from one world of discourse (Sherlockian pastiches) to another (moral laws). Pristine digital audio quality as well. Now posted on our Gerald Heard website.

John Roger Barrie, Literary Executor
The Gerald Heard Estate