Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chicago Confidential (1957).

In Chicago Confidential, which debuted this month in 1957, DA Brian Keith suspects that a criminal organization is behind the murder of a union figure rather than the person implicated in the crime. Based on the book by journalists Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer, the film also stars Beverly Garland and Elisha Cook Jr.


Todd Mason said...

The only one of those books I've actually held and read for bad laughs some thirty years ago is NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL, but mean to eventually read their "Mars Confidential" piece in AMAZING ca. 1953 when the mood strikes me...how's the film as a film? Anything with Garland and Cook is doing at least two things correctly.

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

The NYT review of the film of the time is not too complimentary, and press on the "Confidential" books tends to trash their tabloidy elements, but it seems to me that the latter would (sadly) suit our culture of today.