Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Happy birthday, Jack Finney.

Author Jack Finney (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Time and Again, etc.) was born today in Milwaukee in 1911; he died in 1995. Will we finally see a film of Time and Again, as Lionsgate now has purchased the rights?

Some links to celebrate the day:

NPR appreciations of Body Snatchers (Maureen Corrigan, James Rollins) and Time and Again (Susan Jane Gilman)

• Bowery Boys blog post on the New York City history featured in Time and Again

• Finney radio play "After the Movies" for radio series Suspense, first with Ray Milland (Dec 1950, no. 26 on this page) and second with Body Snatchers' Kevin McCarthy (Sept 1959, no. 29 on this page)

• April 1955 episode (below) of Science Fiction Theater, "Time Is Just a Place," which was adapted from the Finney short story "Such Interesting Neighbors" (1951)

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