Monday, June 27, 2022

My latest publications:
Pioneer aviator Ruth Bancroft Law, flight attendants book review.

 My latest publications are in the autumn 2022 issue of Aviation History magazine:

"125 Pounds of Nerve and Pluck" is a short article on pioneer aviator Ruth Bancroft Law (1887–1970), who waged a campaign to fly with the Army Signal Corps in World War I. The sixth woman to earn a US pilot's license, the first US female flight instructor, and the first to fly airmail in the Philippines (among other milestone-setting), Law also became a part of Dodgers lore with her participation in an infamous grapefruit stunt.

Update, 7-16-22: HistoryNet has posted my article online (under the title "Female Flyers: Meet the Woman Who Strapped Her Feet to a Plane")


 I review The Great Stewardess Rebellion by Nell McShane Wulfhart, which focuses on key flight attendants who fought sexual discrimination and harassment, advancing equity in the workplace.


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