Monday, March 07, 2011

Steal this book.

As the October 15, 1922, Library Journal reported in "Favorite Books of the Lightfingered," the books of mystery writers were the most
Sax Rohmer, from the
New York Tribune,
Apr 18, 1920
popular ones taken from the Grand Rapids Public Library, along with those of adventure and western authors. Among those most popular with thieves:

Zane Grey, including 3 copies of Rainbow Trail (1915)

E. Phillips Oppenheim

• Mary Roberts Rinehart, Amazing Interlude (1918) and More Tish (1921)

Sax Rohmer, The Golden Scorpion (1919; "a galloping, breath-taking yarn" according to its advertisements)

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Sarah said...

Actually, THE AMAZING INTERLUDE is largely a romance, set in Belgium on the WWI front--where Mary Roberts Rinehart actually did service work. Rather a nice book, with great detail on the place and periiod.