Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dorothy B. Hughes picks, best mysteries of 1953.

Glenn Ford in
The Big Heat
dir. Fritz Lang)
Calling 1953 "not ... the best year in mystery writing," author-critic Dorothy B. Hughes selected her favorite mysteries of the year in a December 6, 1953, column for the Washington Post. They were:

Christianna Brand, Fog of Doubt. "Artful puzzle."

Leslie Ford, Washington Whispers Murder."Tells, with the bite of intelligent scorn, a terrifying story."

Max Franklin [Richard Deming], Justice Has No Sword. "This one has the professional touch of a star reporter."

Michael Gilbert, Fear to Tread. "Another great Michael Gilbert novel."

• Charlotte Jay, Beat Not the Bones. "The first important mystery of the year."

Ira Levin, A Kiss before Dying. "Another big first, written by a 23-year-old."

René Masson, Green Oranges. "Masson is one of the great discoveries of this decade."

William McGivern, The Big Heat. "Today's first-ranking novelist of the hard-hitting mystery."

Josephine Tey, The Singing Sands. "Her noted blend of detecting excitement and beautiful writing."

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