Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mystery-related films considered lost.

Pauline Frederick, star
of Lydia Gilmore,
Woman in the Case, and
The Paliser Case. NYPL

Lost Films is a project of Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin that is designed to collect information and serve as a resource on films that are believed to be lost.  Some mystery-related films considered lost are the following:

 •  Sherlock Holmes and the Great Murder Mystery (1908). SH and a gorilla?

 • Lydia Gilmore (1915). Philandering husband murders his lover's spouse; wife attempts cover-up. 

 • The Woman in the Case (1916). Is a suicide actually murder?

 • Col. Heeza Liar, Detective (1917). One in a series of cartoons with a Colonel Blimp-type character.

 • The Paliser Case (1920). The murder of a treacherous man throws suspicion on the woman he lured into a sham marriage.

 •  The Radio Detective (1926). Adventure serial with Boy Scouts versus gangsters.

 • Kismet (1930–31, dir. William Dieterle). Thief is embroiled in a plot against a caliph.

 • Murder Will Out (1939). A valuable piece of jade causes a series of murders.

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