Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tribute to Ernie Kovacs.

The legendary
Nairobi Trio
Catch this clip from the Paley Center for Media on "The Life and Legacy of Ernie Kovacs." A new DVD collection of Kovacs's work is now available.


Todd Mason said...

Some of Kovacs's criminous bits, such as the guest on a WHAT'S MY LINE? parody (Kovacs himself) slowly bleeding to death from an attack just as he was coming out onstage, and the panel cheefully and obliviously going forward with their questioning, were among the best and most memorable of his shows as spotlighted in the 1978 PBS retrospective series...I shall have to seek this out.

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

I'm particularly fond of a short bit in a library (it might have been that of Percy Dovetonsils) in which a copy of _Camille_ is opened, and all one hears is coughing...