Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Justice Holmes, mystery fan.

“The last few days my secretary has been away and I have taken the opportunity to read some detective stories for which I have an ignoble liking.”
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. to Frederick Pollock, August 16, 1931, The Essential Holmes, ed. Richard Posner (Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1992) 19.

“…Truth be damned—give me [E. Phillips] Oppenheim.”
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (commenting on Theodore Dreiser) to Felix Frankfurter, November 12, 1932, Holmes and Frankfurter: Their Correspondence, 1912–1934, ed. Robert M. Mennell and Christine L. Compson (Hanover: UP of New England, 1996) 273.

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