Monday, September 24, 2012

Nominating mystery authors for halls of fame.

Consider nominating distinguished mystery authors for halls of fame that exist throughout the country. Quite often, genre writers are overlooked for these honors or are nominated for some other achievement (e.g., Celestine Sibley was inducted into the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame for her journalism rather than her mysteries; Mildred Wirt Benson is a member of the U Iowa School of Journalism Hall of Fame for her reporting credentials, although her Nancy Drew novels are mentioned).

To be considered for nomination, writers usually need some connection to the particular state (e.g., birth or a minimum term of residence) and a body of work.

Anna Katharine Green.
Links to halls of fame appear below. I have nominated police procedural pioneer Ed McBain/Evan Hunter and important early mystery author Anna Katharine Green for the New York State Writers Hall of Fame and, for New Jersey's hall of fame, Ho-ho-kus's Metta Fuller Victor (author of The Dead Letter [1866], the first American detective novel).

State Halls of Fame Devoted to Writers

East Tennessee. It appears the next nominations process will open in June 2013.

Georgia. Current nominees include Mignon Ballard and Virginia Lanier.

Minnesota. Nominated writers must have links to Minnesota, either through birth or residence in the state while producing a body of work. A good candidate for nomination would be Haycraft-Queen lister Mabel Seeley.

Missouri. 2012 Quill Award inductee is Ridley Pearson.


New York. In addition to my nominations of Hunter and Green (mentioned above), another appropriate nominee would be Brewster's Rex Stout—something that the Wolfe Pack should back.

North Carolina. Elizabeth Daniels Squire was inducted in 2006 and Manly Wade Wellman in 1996.

Oklahoma. Jean Hager was inducted in 1992, Carolyn Hart in 1993, and William Bernhardt in 1997.

South Carolina. Does not appear to have a nominations process open to the public. Mickey Spillane was inducted in 2012.

Texas. Established by the Friends of the Fort Worth Public Library to recognize authors who have contributed to the literary heritage of Texas. Bill Crider was inducted in 2010.

Wisconsin Writers Wall of Fame. Sponsored by the Friends of the Milwaukee Public Library. August Derleth was inducted in 1997.

Alabama Men's Hall of Fame.

Alabama Women's Hall of Fame.

Alaska Women's Hall of Fame. Deadline for nominations: November 1, 2012.

Arizona Women's Hall of Fame.

California. Writers may be nominated who have lived in California for at least five years and "who embody the spirit of California." It is surprising that Hammett, Chandler, and Macdonald have not been inducted (not to mention Anthony Boucher, Margaret Millar, and Charlotte Armstrong).

Chicago Literary Hall of Fame. The current nomination process is not open to the public.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame.


District of Columbia.

Florida Artists Hall of Fame. John D. MacDonald
was inducted in 1991.


Iowa Women's Hall of Fame.
Deadline for nomination: April 1, 2013. Both living and deceased female writers who have Iowa ties and have made a significant contribution to their field and to the status of women/girls may be nominated.

Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. Deadline for nomination: March 21, 2013.


National Women's Hall of Fame.

Nebraska. Nebraska's process is somewhat bureaucratic, and candidates for nomination must have been dead for a minimum of thirty-five years (which makes Lincoln-born Mignon G. Eberhart ineligible).

New Jersey. Writers may be nominated under the "General" or "Historical" category. Mary Higgins Clark was inducted in 2011.

Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. Mildred Wirt Benson was inducted in 1993.

Rhode Island. H. P. Lovecraft was inducted in 1992.

South Dakota. Writers may be nominated in the "Arts and Entertainment" category. Deadline for nomination: February 1, 2013.


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Joe Lansdale and Carole Nelson Douglas will be inducted into the Texas Hall in October.

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Bill, many thanks for this welcome news.