Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy birthday, Father Andrew M. Greeley and Margaret Millar.

Father Andrew M. Greeley, creator of clerical sleuth Blackie Ryan as well as the author of nonfiction and science fiction books, turns 80 today. His latest featuring Ryan is The Bishop at the Lake.

And author Margaret Millar, the wife of Lew Archer creator Ross Macdonald, was born today in 1915. She died in 1994. Millar won an Edgar for Beast in View in 1956; other notable works include How Like an Angel and Beyond This Point Are Monsters.


Martin Edwards said...

Margaret Millar is one of my all-time favourites. Among her other books, A Stranger in my Grave is outstanding.

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

According to Random House's Bennett Cerf, flying off the shelves in 1945 was Millar's _The Iron Gates_.

Martin Edwards said...

Yes, that too is a very good book.